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Kitchens are one of the most expensive areas of the home to remodel due to the material and labor costs. But the good news is a budget kitchen remodel is possible.

Your kitchen is possibly the most important room of your home. It’s where you congregate daily, prepare meals and often has the best views, light and airflow. That’s why it’s so important we invest in this space accordingly (and within our budget).

As the homeowner, it’s ultimately up to you to keep costs down for your kitchen remodeling project. All of the secondary parties involved- including contractors, subcontractors, architects, designers, and suppliers – are trying to maximize their profits as you’re trying to maximize your savings. While it’s not common to work with a person who willfully tries to punch holes in your budget by heaping on extra costs, you’ll still likely have to remind the secondary parties to stay on budget throughout the project. What’s easier to control are the remodeling choices you make to keep the costs manageable.

We consider all your options when planning. Depending on your life stage, financial situation and aspirations for this particular home (e.g. principal place of residence, investment property or planning to sell later) depicts how much cash you should be sinking into this kitchen build, renovation or aesthetic touch-up.

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